Allen Safe and
Clean Company

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Protect Your Assets

At Allen Safe and Clean Company, we are licensed locksmith and security solutions providers in Greater Manchester, England.

Our locksmith services are available for domestic and commercial customers, and include:

  • Access Codes
  • Emergency Calls
  • CCTV

  • Finger prints Locks
  • Replacement Locks
  • Alarms

  • Safe Locking and Unlocking
  • UPVC Door and window Locks
  • Spy camera

Product Highlight – The BSi Kite mark Cylinder

  • Anti-Bump – The cylinder has a 'zero lift' pin, which sits far higher than the rest of the pins in the plug, ensuring a bump key shoulder cannot touch the pin to bump it.
  • Anti-Drill – The cylinder has four times hardened steel anti-drill pins on each side of the cylinder, two in the plug and two in the barrel. These require a special drill bit to break through. Common drill bits will have no effect.
  • Anti-Pick – It has three times stainless steel anti-pick pins on each side of the cylinder.
  • Sacrificial Cut – The cylinder has a snap line on each end so when force is applied to either side, the cylinder will break away to the snap line only and not at the cam point. This prevents entry being gained through the exposed cam.

This is a high-quality 6 pin TS 007 1* BSi Kite mark Cylinder that offers a low-cost solution to lock snapping and lock bumping. It is manufactured with added steel pins inside the cylinder for enhanced strength and security to make it stronger and even more resilient to drilling than ever before. It has extra features including:

finger print system