Allen Safe and
Clean Company

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Call Us for Advanced Home and Business Security Solutions

At Allen Safe and Clean Company, we are a security locksmith and cleaning company working in the Greater Manchester, North West England area. We offer security solutions for commercial buildings, including shops and small businesses, in the form of CCTVs, keyless entry systems, finger print system, office cleaning, shop cleaning and more.


With our featured products and services, you can do many of the following:

  • Add Biometric Features to Existing Locks for Extra Security
  • Check on Baby, Pets, and Your Home on Your Smartphone
  • Detect Smoke or Fire Before These Escalate
  • Lock Important Documents in Extra-Secure Safes
  • Protect Yourself against Forced Entry

  • Record Activities at Home or Business with Hidden Cameras
  • Remotely Activate Video or Sound Recording
  • See What’s Happening Virtually Day or Night, and in Real Time
  • And So Much More

As seen, we offer a variety of high-tech solutions to give you peace of mind, whether you’re a home or business owner.